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            Sea ruiland mission

            By integrating the resources of mass intelligent manufacturing enterprises and traditional colleges and universities, hairuilang group combines the robot theory foundation, the robot core curriculum, the enterprise scene practice and the quality education of senior talents to realize the seamless connection between the front of the education and training and the back end of the employment export, and forms "the output from the intelligent equipment to the output." It is the 4 enterprise with the largest and most professional, innovative and employment advantages at present in China.

            Engineering case

            Stud riveting

            Automatic assembly line system for stud riveting and pressing.

            System characteristics

            • High degree of automation, using vibratory disc to automatically supply studs.
            • Software with independent intellectual property rights is easy to learn.
            • The imported servo drive system has high speed and high precision.
            • It is versatile and can meet many kinds of stud implants with high efficiency.

            AGV robots carry the goods directly or pull the goods, automatically transport the material to the designated place, carrying the automatic reloading device for docking and reloading. The back or traction weight varies with each model, and the optional infrared or laser barrier is optional.

            Laser engraving technology is the use of laser without damaging the crystal surface, so that the plane or three-dimensional image in the form of lattice form a lifelike image inside the crystal, in the light of the three color light, the effect is very wonderful, and never fade, with collection, appreciation, commemorative value...

            Viaduct Longmen structure, cross beam movement, with the largest processing space, high dynamic performance, three-dimensional head to realize nx360 degrees infinite rotation, high efficiency, from cutting to welding, swinging head rapid replacement, no adjustment, the realization of a multi - use machine...


            Machine vision training, industrial robot training, PLC programming training - Hai Rui Lang training base

            Involved in the industry

            Consumer electronics, new energy batteries, automobiles, motors, electric tools and electrical appliances.

            Senior team

            Nearly 100 cooperation enterprises, the demand for talent orders is in short supply, is the core competitiveness of sustainable development.


            Automatic welding system

            The upper and lower cover plates of the linear motor are welded by manual feeding, automatic reading of RFID, automatic discharge of defective products, automatic multifaceted welding and manual blanking.

            • The fixture positioning mode is reliable
            • High precision positioning can be realized
            • Product CT is small, production capacity is high
            • It is versatile and can be welded in many kinds of products
            • Low failure rate

            Automatic adhesive system

            The system is modular, standardized and scalable, and is suitable for high-speed automatic production, assembly and testing of products. The system is suitable for wide range of applications, including assembly, packaging, marking, welding and so on.

            • The structure of the work position carrier can adapt to various forms of jig
            • The speed is fast, and the speed of 1m/s can be realized.
            • The precision is high, and the precision of repeated positioning is 0.05mm.
            • High rigidity, high load and stable operation.
            • Long service life and low maintenance requirements.

            Solar panel and silicon wafer

            Solar energy industry monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon solar cell chip and silicon chip cutting and groove; also can cut a variety of fragile items, can also cut some flexible metal and non-metallic thin slices.

            • The air cooled fiber laser has the advantages of high laser quality, fine focusing spot and good stability.
            • Fixed optical path, manual focus mode, red light preview function.
            • The transmission structure with excellent performance has high precision, long life and low noise.
            • High precision and fast speed
            • Single chip computer control, simple and clear, easy to master

            Laser welding system of microwave oven

            The mechanical hand is inserted into the inner liner to weld, the inner surface weld is smooth and beautiful, and the 600W welding machine and double station layout are adopted to effectively improve the production efficiency.

            • Manual, material, automatic welding
            • Custom double station layout, up and down and welding can be carried out at the same time, with high efficiency.
            • Using WF600 pulse welding machine, the speed of welding is fast
            • It is suitable for welding of straight weld and reinforcement of inner liner of microwave oven and oven.
            • Safety fence is installed to ensure the safety of operators.

            About Hai ruilang

            Shenzhen Hai ruilang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is the training base of Hai ruilang technology group. It is mainly engaged in PLC programming training, automation training, robot programming training and talent outsourcing service. It has provided tens of thousands of scarce talents for the national industrial 4 project. Our company provides the enterprise project solution and the school enterprise internal training personnel joint custom training service, has the rich project operation experience, has repeatedly been listed by the city government as the key development enterprise high and new project pilot.


            Senior Engineer

            Xue Ding Wei

            • Proficient in PLC programming, rich training experience in industrial control technology and mechatronics.
            Senior Lecturer

            Xie Yong Qiang

            • He has worked in the automation industry for many years and has extensive experience in industrial control training.
            Senior Lecturer

            Cheng Zi Sheng

            • Proficient in all kinds of electrical hardware principles, good at combining theory with practice teaching.
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